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Interview in La Vanguardia newspaper

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La Vanguardia newspaper published the past day 6th April an interview to Roser Noguera. In it the painter explains her creation Energy Art, method that she has been developing for more than a decade. Under the title “Life is a journey of learning, where we are always going for more” details the rationale and benefits […]

Article in Salud y Vida – La Vanguardia supplement

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Salud & Vida, the supplement of the newspaper La Vanguardia, highlighted, in one of its pages, Roser Noguera’s therapeutic work with  Energy Art. “Roser Noguera has the knack to visualize on a canvas what they people needs who come to her for help.”  www.rosernoguera.com

Article in dDona magazine

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dDona magazine, a magazine dedicated to women, published a full-page article about Energy Art. It details the benefits of this therapeutic method. Through an interview to Roser Noguera, the text explains energy art fundamentals, the phases of the creation process, and its surprising results.

Interview in Avui newspaper

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“Through the Energy Art, you will see what you could not see, understand what you did not understand.” That’s howThe newspaper Avui emphasized the interview to Roser Noguera about her Energy Art. In the Business news section newspaper has devoted a whole page to talk about this revolutionary method. An interview that allows to know […]