Spiritual Art

(Energy art)

The spiritual art of Roser Noguera is a guide and a support for people. It is the reflection of their inner person or spiritual path, expressed pictorially in a symbolic way. The creation process is always the same and it is based in her knowledge about spirituality and energy.

Discover yourself or empower new perspectives for collectives. These artworks bring new millennium energy, giving support to making life an evolving path with positive results for everyone.

Technique Method

The artist uses a figurative drawing with an expressionist brushstroke to make a full of symbolism painting. It results in a pictorial representation that intends to perform a complete contemporaneous artwork. The painter has developed a meticulous, singular and unique method. Before painting the artwork she performs a special process of preparation so that when she has to paint it she can concentrate all her ability and potential in giving the piece the greatest force as possible. It is a complex creative process that concludes in a symbolic piece, that transmits spirituality and energy.